Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rocket Day

For Christmas Britain and Jesse got some rockets. Due to work schedules and weather, we have not been able to launch them yet. So last night we took the family out and launched Jesse's rocket (his had some blast jets with it but Jesse broke them so we just launched the rocket portion). The first rocket we launched at the house and to the kids delight it landed on the roof. Rob had to climb up to get it. We then went across the street to the park to launch them. We invited some friends to join us and everyone had a blast =)!

Tyler putting the blast jets on the rocket with Jesse and John watching.
Everyone gathered around waiting for the next launch.

Jesse helping Robert to launch a rocket.
Britain and Jesse chasing down a rocket.
Faith and Britain flying the blast jets while waiting for the rocket to launch.
Jesse setting the rocket for the next launch.
Everyone chasing down the rocket.