Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Difficult Decisions of Parents

Our son Jesse has lived with many different medical problems throughout his life. Throughout this past year we have spent lot of time with doctors trying to help find a solution to some of his problems. They finally decided to do some psychological testing to see if there was a behavioral condition underlying some of the medical problems. The testing showed that he has ADHD. We then were left with the decisions of medication. Having seen other members of my family struggle with medication for psychological disorders, I was very nervous to medicate, but also knew that my son was really struggling. We finally decided to medicate him and he started on Sunday. We saw a difference that day. He was able to sit through church without any major problems for the first time that I can remember. He had a hard time sleeping that night, but came home Monday saying how good of a day he had. He was so happy that he hadn't gotten in trouble at school. He again had a hard time sleeping at night. He has now taken the medication for a few days and seems so much calmer. I have seen differences in areas I hadn't thought of as well. He has been very into drawing, writing (which h hated before),and coloring. I was looking at the pictures he colored last night and was really impressed. His coloring has always been sloppy with weird colors (people being green with blue hair for example) but the pictures he colored yesterday looked "normal". I know we still have a long road ahead with fine tuning his medication, but the results so far are great (except for the insomnia which we are working on).