Friday, September 26, 2008

Womens Fitness Celebration

This past Saturday, Tyler and I participated in the St. Lukes Womens Fitness Celebration with some friends. We walked with our good friend Carmen and her family as well as our good friend Kristen. We had a lot of fun dancing, walking, and hanging out in the rain.

Our day started at 6 am when I got up to get ready for the 5k. Tyler and I got ready and shortly before we left it began to pour outside. We went and picked up Kristen and then met at another the Cole's house to carpool to the mall. At the mall we stood in a line for quite a while in the rain waiting for the shuttle to take us to downtown Boise for the race. When we got set in our place for the race we all danced in the rain to the music while we waited for our waves turn to head out.

At 9:07 we began the race, yes it was still in the rain. We walked and even jogged for a few minutes here and there through the race course and finished 50 min. later soaked to the bone, energized, and loving every minute of it!

This is my second year participating with Tyler and my friends and I love it! There is nothing like the sisterhood you experience as you work together with about 13,000+ women to accomplish a great physical task. By the time we were done with the finish line party and waiting for the bus back to the mall it was around 11:45 and we had been out in the pouring (not sprinkling) rain since 7:40am. We were cold, wet, tired, and ready to do it again.

Later that day we had a baby shower for a friends sister, another great time to celebrate being a woman! It was a great day!


Orton Family said...

I am so glad you had such a fun time doing the race!!! it looks like it was a beautiful day!!! Way to go Hannah!

Kristi M. said...

I was in hula lessons during the race thinking of everyone in the rain. It was so incredibly bad that day. I am thrilled that you had fun.