Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Fascinating Women

Recently I was browsing the blog Modern Molly Mormon when I decided to check out one of the contributors blog. The blog is called The Fascinating Women. At first I wasn't really impressed, when I look at blogs I am looking for some mindless enjoyment not having to think. However I was drawn back to the blog the next day. As I started to read it more deeply it was very intriguing. It is about how we can improve our marriages by being a more feminine women. The blog is based on the book Fascinating Womanhood. I decided that I would go through the exercises in the blog and probably get the book so I can more fully understand the principles. I figure no matter how good a marriage is, it can always be improved. The author of the blog has an amazing story about how this book saved her marriage. If you are interested, try it along with me.


Rachel C. said...

I'd love to try that with you! I read a little bit on the Fascinating Woman and it looks interesting! Tell me how the book is if you get it.

The Nielsen Clan said...

hmm.. I am going to try to test that out!! by the way how did you make your little header with the picture at the top?? That is soooo cute!! .. and congrats on the 50 maker!! you look so awesome! you are such a cute girl.. i like to reward my self with a cheap trip to walmart! :) we miss those bored nights there! But Twin's walmart is being built.. so it won't be long!