Monday, November 24, 2008


I posted this for my team on MWLT and decided I would post it here for anyone like me that wants to not go totally overboard on Thanksgiving. These are just some suggestions on food choices to still have the great taste, but a little fewer calories.

Lower Cal Thanksgiving
· Turkey breast
· salad
· jello salad (sugar free jello, fat free whip cream, fat free cottage cheese, pineapple)
· Sweet potatoes (sweet potato, apple, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice: arrange in steamer basket and steam for 18-20 min) (111 cal.)
· Mashed potatoes (use fat free sour cream and I can't believe it's not butter or fat free buttermilk) or baked potatoes
· stuffing (don't add any butter, it will taste pretty much the same, just not as fluffy)
· olives
· corn
· cranberry sauce (cranberries, apple, 1 c. O.J., 1 c. water, 1/4 c. honey)(19 cal.)
· wheat rolls
· veggie tray
· dessert options:
1. crustless pumpkin pie (35 cal.)
2. apple crumble (116 cal.)
3. strawberry pie (73 cal.)
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