Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Traditions

I decided I wanted to write down some of the Christmas traditions our family has. Some of it is so I remember and also so I can pass them onto my children.

1. We put up our tree and decorations the weekend of Thanksgiving.
2. We have a nightly devotional the month on December where we read a scripture, sing a Christmas hymn, and read a story related to the true meaning of Christmas.
3. I have several Christmas books that I will read throughout the month. These books include The Polar Express, The Night Before Christmas, etc.
4. On Christmas Eve we dress in our PJ's, read Luke Chapter 2, and then go drive around and look at Christmas lights. When we get home it is time for bed.
5. We make cookies for Santa each year and set them out on the table on Santa's plate with a glass of milk and a note to Santa. Santa then leaves us some red and green M&M's in place of the cookies and a thank you note.
6. Each year we make cinnamon rolls to deliver to friends. We always save a couple of pans for breakfast Christmas morning. We also eat the oranges Santa leaves in our stockings for breakfast and Little Smokies.
7. Christmas morning when everyone is awake we open presents. We always start with our stockings first.
8. Hidden on the tree Christmas morning is a green Christmas tree ornament. The first to find the tree opens the first present.
9. Christmas afternoon we have a big feast with turkey or ham and all the works.
10. We watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, attend ward parties, etc.
11. Santa always leaves an orange, a chocolate santa, and some peanuts as well as a few presents inour stockings.
12. We have a few countdown decorations that the kids rush to be the first to change each morning.
13. We send out Christmas cards with a letter of what we did throughout the year to family and friends.
14. A new tradition last year was going to Caldwell's Night Light parade.
15. Each child gets to take a date with mom or dad to the dollar store to pick out presents for the other family members.

Some new traditions that we are starting this year are:
1. We have small manger with straw and a cloth baby Jesus. Throughout the month of December each time someone does a good deed, they add some straw to the manger. On Christmas Eve baby Jesus is added.
2. On Christmas Eve we will dress up as shepards for our Shepard's Supper. Each person will have a sack of goods for dinner (bread, cheese, grapes, etc.) and a cup tied around their waist with juice. We will turn the lights out, walk through the house with flashlights seeking the baby Jesus. Along the way we will sit and rest to eat our supper. We will then proceed to the baby Jesus and read Luke chapter 2 and sing Christmas carols when we find him.

So what are some of your Christmas traditions?


Kristi M. said...

We have a few of the same ones. I really need to seriously think more about these things for our family as Gunnar gets older.

Kaselehlia Heath said...

crazy, i have some of those same traditions. hehe! what happened to the coal under the tree?

Untypically Jia said...

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Darin n Kyla said...

FUN traditions, I might steal a couple. Thanks for sharing!