Sunday, December 21, 2008

What Else Can We Cram In?

So this has been a crazy week around our home. It started last Saturday when Robert and Tyler headed off to cello lessons at 7:30 am and I headed to the kitchen to begin baking. I spent about 5 1/2 hours making 20 pans of cinnamon rolls, 3 loaves of bread, and two pans of rolls for Christmas dinner.

All during this Robert and Tyler began packing up the bookshelves in the living room. Over Christmas vacation K.C. Littlewood is going to put in some Red Oak floors in the front room and dining room. This will make preschool so much easier as things are spilled daily on the carpet and they are getting quite disgusting. The plan was for us to get the bookshelves moved out, then once preschool was finished we would move out the rest of the furniture, then Robert could rip out the carpet so K.C. could start the Monday after Christmas.
After I was done baking, Robert and I delivered cinnamon rolls and then he took me out to lunch. We got home in time to spend a few minutes as a family before Britain, Jesse, Faith, and I went to the ward Christmas party, Tyler went to a performance for JMS Jammers and Robert headed to work. That night I tried out an idea I found online of making a cookie dough log for people I still wanted to do something for. They were fun and easy to make.

So on Monday I taught preschool and then just as preschool ended I got a call from Jesse's school that he had a big melt down at school and was suspended for the rest of the day. He has been struggling the last week (I don;t know if it is because of the excitement of Christmas or what) and this was his biggest problem so far. So I spent the rest of the day dealing with him. When Robert got done with work he called and needed me to go jump his car since his battery died. Then he took me car to work so some friends could borrow Rob's car and our friends trailer. Well I forgot Tyler needed to go Christmas shopping that night for her friends because something was happening all the rest of the week. Luckily our friend Tanya saved us by letting us borrow her car to get it all done.

Tuesday was nonstop as we went from preschool to visiting teaching to buying the hardwood with K.C. (finally getting lunch for Faith at 3:00 in the afternoon), scouts for Jesse and me, Christmas concerts for Tyler and Britain, and enrichment meeting for me. As we were getting the wood, K.C. let me know that he could actually start this weekend if we could be ready in time. After talking with Robert and asking Tanya if we could have the preschool Christmas party at her house, it was decided to speed up the timetable on the floors.

Wednesday was pretty normal, with me taking everything that I could out of the front room. On Thursday after preschool was over I took everything but the couch, piano, and table out of the room so it could be ready for Robert to rip out the carpet that night (his only night off). While I was at the temple working that night, Tyler and Robert finished moving out the furniture (Thanks Jacob for help with the piano and Tanya for watching the kids) and ripped out the carpet.

Friday we had a fun Christmas party at Tanya's for preschool, having kids home early from school, and movie night with the kids. Saturday we were up nice and early for K.C to start installing the floor. Robert had to work both jobs, so he was gone all day. Our friend Jacob helped K.C. as well as each of the kids helping at some point. I had choir practice, some house cleaning, and a few trips to Home Depot throughout the day, but the craziness was winding down. Now the floor is installed and K.C. will finish up with the sanding and finish on Monday and Tuesday. I am trying to convince Robert to let me paint the room while everything is out of the room, we'll see if I make it.
I was excited Saturday night when after Faith's bath she came up to me and said she wanted her hair done. It gave me plenty of time to do a cute new creation on her. She must have known there wouldn't be time in the morning because of the snow storm. What a smart girl!


Rachel C. said...

You weren't kidding when you said that you had a crazy week! I'm sorry we contributed to your craziness but the truck and trailer was really helpful!

Your cinnamon rolls were AMAZING! Thank you!

And your wood floors look AWESOME! I want to come see them soon.

Isn't it nice that all the craziness is slowing down a bit? I feel like there's a huge weight lifted off of me since the choir program is over! Now I can just relax and enjoy Christmas!

Kristi M. said...

Your floors look awesome! Can't wait to see them in person.

I am glad that I read this post because I completely forgot about the yummy dough in my freezer with all that is going on. Now I can't wait to make them.