Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Girl Obsessed!

Faith with her blankie.

O.k. I have to confess that my daughter is obsessed. It has been going on for months now and I see no end in sight. You ask her about anything and she only has one answer: unicorns. That's right unicorns. Her obsession has now carried over to church where she was even being a unicorn in class today. Now you may ask how she got started on unicorns. Did she watch a movies, read a book, or anything? Nope, this is out of the blue, straight up obsession with unicorns. She has a stuffed horse that she calls a unicorn, she says she is a unicorn and will get so in character that she will only speak in "neighs", she says her name is unicorn, you ask her what she did that day and she tells you a story of unicorns, etc. There is no end. So for every one who has to put up with this out of control craziness, I AM SORRY and can only say, this to shall pass (someday, maybe, eventually)


The Hemming's said...

Okay so I hope you know I think this is really funny and it doesn't bother me in the slightest on Sunday. I mean my kid was the one obsessed with the color "Mint green" for months.Faith is just a hoot! I am excited I get to be her new teacher.