Friday, February 6, 2009

Family Friday- Life as Usual

Well it has been a pretty normal week around here with school, preschool, homework, work, church things, etc. But here are a few highlights:

Tyler had a disappointing day on Monday when one of her favorite teachers informed them that due to some students disrespect and dishonesty as well as some administration changes she would no longer be doing the fun incentives and teaching that she has been doing. She will now have to teach solely out of the text book instead of the novel studies that the kids have loved. It is so hard when the actions of a few ruin it for the rest. Tyler also had fun on Saturday at the Rollerdrome with several of her friends. They helped to teach her friend Joella how to skate and they all had a blast.
Britain was able to spend some alone time with mom on Saturday at the C of I basketball game. Our friends the Littlewoods gave out free tickets to the event. Jesse didn't want to go and I didn't want to fight Faith, so since Tyler had the chance to be out with her friends earlier in the day she stay home to babysit while I took Britain. Once we were there he spent most of the time with a friends, but oh well. Brit is really excited because tonight he is leaving for the Klondike Derby with the scouts. I am sending a disposable camera with him so eventually I will post some pictures about his first winter camp out. I am glad it is him and not me!
Jesse had a fun scout meeting last night. His leaders played games with the boys since it is Jesse's last week as a Wolf. Next week he will turn 9 and will join me with the Bears. He is really excited about his upcoming birthday. Unfortunately when he gets really excited it can negatively affect his behavior. Hopefully he will be back to his cheerful self soon.
Faith has been her usual three year old self. She is still working on potty training and stays clean most of the day. In an effort to cut out the cost of pull-ups we are trying to work on night training as well. Last night was the first night and it was a struggle so we will see if she is really ready for it or not. Faith has been having fun doing her preschool homework (my older class is learning to write their names) and loves the fact that she has homework like everyone else.

Robert is getting a little break at work right now. At IBI work is finally slowing down and he is back to 40 hour weeks instead of 60. It is great to see him a little more and good for him to have a few more hours to relax and unwind. Although with him he quickly fills that time with projects around the house. I don't think he could sit still if he wanted to. He is such a hard worker!
I have been busy with preschool and keeping things going around the house. Robert and I started a Strengthening Families class last night which should be really good. I am looking forward to hearing some new ideas and a reminder of old ones to help when problems arise at home. I also finished a must read book called One Tattered Angel. If you are wanting a really inspiring story to read check this book out! It brings such a loving spirit and a resolve to be better.
I hope everyone had a great week. There should be some fun things in store for next week!