Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tell Me The Stories Tuesday-Love Found in a Freezer

After my mom divorced my biological father, my mom worked hard to provide for my two sister and I. We moved around as needed because of work and money. One place we lived was Hyde Park, Utah. Here we lived in the upstairs portion of a duplex. One day my mom was in the hall outside our home cleaning out the chest freezer. A man came to visit our downstairs neighbor. He was the father of the dad who lived there. Well from that time on, my mom and this man became friends. His name was Herman and his wife was dying of cancer.

Well my mom was really struggling at the time and a few months after Herman's wife passed away, my mom and Herman approached all of Herman's children to see if they were o.k. with him marrying my mom. They were and they married shortly thereafter. They married so quickly so Herman could help my mom. At the time Herman had quite a bit of money. However, he gave it all up to raise another family and support us. Herman is my dad and I love him very much. He has given up everything for us and worked hard to provide for our emotional and physical needs. A few years later Herman adopted us girls and we were sealed together as a family in the St. George temple. I was able to wear the dress I was sealed in as my baptism dress.

We like to tease my parents that they met in a freezer. As I look back on it, the hand of our Heavenly Father was sure involved in bringing them together. It was at a time when mom really needed it and a time when dad was soon able to join our family. It amazes me how willing his children were to approve of the marriage so shortly after their mothers passing. I am so thankful that my parents were able to find love in that freezer and that we have been able to be a family together.


Kristi M. said...

What a great story. Amazing how things are supposed to work out at the right time.