Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tell Me The Stories Tuesday-Make-up

In honor of Tyler getting her first make-up, I decided to right about when I first started wearing make-up. The summer between my 8th and 9th grade year, we moved from Tuba City, Arizona to Flagstaff, Arizona. At first I was so excited to finally be out of junior high in into high school. However we had heard that 9th grade in Flagstaff was still part of junior high and I was so upset. I would not be with my sister and I would be pushed back into junior high. I was so glad when we found out that that year a new high school was opening in Flagstaff and all the 9th graders were being moved to the high school.

So it was the night before the first day of school. I had pictured in my mind starting the school year off wearing make-up, but my mother had never mentioned it. We always knew that it was no use asking to wear make-up, it would happen when my mom felt we were old enough. So when she still had not said anything I was getting upset and worried. I really didn't want to start the school year off in a new place without make-up and then all of the sudden start wearing it a few months later. I finally decided to ask my mom if I could start the year off wearing make-up. She totally forgot about it with moving and raising the five of us living at home. So she went out bought me some make-up and had my two older sister teach me how to wear it that night. I had Sarah on one side of me and Jessica on the other giving me all the tips and advice on what to do. I was then able to start the school year off wearing make-up. It sounds so silly now, but I remember I was really worried about it back then.


"Its going be a Bright SunShiney Day!" said...

Awww, so your the one mom made kassie and wait until our 14th birthdays.