Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tell Me the Stories Tuesday- Christ Centered Easters

About 5 or 6 years ago I found a great book that changed the way our family celebrates Easter. It is called A Christ-Centered Easter. This book sets out a week long Easter celebration focused on the last week of Christs life. We have used the majority of the activities in the book each year and the children love it! They now ask for these activities over the traditional commercialized ones. We still dye eggs, but even that is connected to Christ as we talk about the new life he has given us through the atonement.

We start off on Palm Sunday with a special home evening celebrating the Triumphal Entry of Christ. We make palm fronds, have a pictorial representation on the wall, and start a Love One Another wall. Throughout the week we read parables, do resurrection eggs, learn Easter hymns, try new foods, try carrying a heavy beam, have a night without light, go on a treasure hunt, make Eater morning rolls for Easter breakfast (they are hollow to represent the empty tomb), etc.

Easter morning the family is awoken with the Hallelujah chorus and we have a special Easter devotional followed by eating our Easter rolls. We then enjoy church and complete the day with a very special dinner where we sit on the floor as in the time of Christ and eat only food that was available to Christ. We read all the comments from the Love One Another wall and focus on the Savior. It is a wonderful, special time in our home. I have really come to become closer the the Savior each year during this time as we focus on Him. My book is now falling apart and I need to put it in a binder before I loose the pages. I am really looking forward to starting on Sunday and having another memorable year focused on Christ.

You can get this great book at Deseret Books.


Jedda said...

Thank you so much for your insights. What wonderful traditions and ideas you've gathered for your family. Thank you for sharing and linking so others can learn from you ideas!!

Orton Family said...

We might have to do this too this year! I thought it was such a special tradition when you were telling us about it last year - and we loved the Easter rolls that you shared with us. Hope you have a great time this year!