Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tell Me the Stories Tuesday- Trouble at Daycare

I don't remember how old I was, but when we lived in Hyde Park, Utah we went to a babysitter named Grandma Johnson. One thing I remember was nap time. We all had to lay down on nap mats to take a nap, well except for the big kids. One day when I finished my nap I went outside to play with the other kids. I can't really remember how it happened, either I hit this boy or I was jumping on the trampoline and hurt him, but somehow I hurt this boy and he ran in to tell Grandma Johnson. I got so scared that I ran and hid in the playhouse so I wouldn't get in trouble. The thing I remember most about that day was being so scared and hiding. Eventually I was found and had to go to time out. Then it was the dread of her telling my mom what happened. I'm not sure if my mom did anything or not, it was just the dread of being in trouble that was the biggest consequence that day.