Monday, March 30, 2009

Twilight Party

So on Friday we threw a Twilight party for Tyler and her friends. First we decorated the house in red and black vampire decor. We had red tablecloths and draping, pictures from the movie, the books, chess pieces, and flowers set out. Most of it was stuff we had on hand or got really cheap from the dollar store.
For refreshments we served blood popcorn (red food coloring in the butter), fruit punch out of blood dripping cups (cups dipped in corn syrup dyed red), pizza, and vampire cookies.
The girls came dressed either as their favorite character or in red and black. When they arrived they picked one of the pictures around the room to create a t-shirt after the movie. Then the watch the movie. Although I don't know how they could have seen the movie since the talk (loudly) through the entire thing. Every once in a while you would hear "shhh, this is my favorite part" and the noise would die down a little and then was right back up. After the movie was over the girls all made t-shirts using iron on transfers. Then they played a trivia game in which Team Edward won. In the end of the night they wanted to watch the Twilight spoof in YouTube. Each girl then was able to take home one of the framed pictures from the movie as their party favor (I love double duty things!). It was funny because then they all wanted to take the other pictures as well so I had less clean up since every picture found a home. It was a great night with lots of fun.
Tyler as Esme (at first she was Rosalie and then decided she looked more like Esme). Isn't she gorgeous.


Kristi M. said...

Tyler is such a beautiful girl! When did her hair get that long! Wow!

Lorie said...

I didn't even think about the Chess set! That would have been perfect!