Saturday, April 11, 2009

Family Friday- Can We Say Chaos?

So life around our house has been crazy lately. At the top of the list is the our house remodeling. The bathroom is almost done and the hallway just needs to be sealed and caulked and it is done! I will write more of this later.
On Tuesday Jesse had his 2nd/3rd grade music program. I was really worried about this as he is highly sensitive to noise and music. Usually when music is playing in the car he begs for it to be off because it hurts him. He spends all of music class with his hands over his ears, but he wanted to go to his concert. In the evening he also struggles because his medication wears off. HE DID SO GOOD!! I was near tears the entire concert because he was able to stand up there and sing (although not joyfully- I think he smiled once) and did great.
On Thursday Tyler and Britain had a track meet in Mountain Home. It was crazy because they didn't get home until 11:45 pm. I was glad they didn't have school the next day. They both felt they did good in their events. Faith also had a fun time dressing up in Jesse's shoes and running up and down the ramp of our friend's trailer.On Friday I had a great evening at my friend Tanya's house for her baby shower. It was great to be able to go sit and talk with friends and relax.
Today Robert and I were able to attend the temple. Jesse and I had a great night going to Clayson's baptism. He then went to Clayson's house while I took Tyler to a concert for the Boise Baroque Orchestra and Choir. We had a great time listening to the Passion according to St. John by Bach. Our friends the Belnaps gave us the tickets when they weren't able to use them and it was a great night out.
Throughout the week we also worked on our Easter activities. We weren't as good as the past because of the craziness going on, but some of the things we did was talk about the events of the last week of Jesus' life and create a picture wall of it, have our LOA wall, carried a beam across the yard, touched thorns, dyed eggs, made Resurrection rolls, and are excited our Easter activities tomorrow.


Kristi M. said...

I can't wait to see your new floors. I great is that. I was bummed that I missed Tanya's thing. My mom and sister watched Gunnar and it has been the one night in oh since last year that we were able to actually go out and do something just the two of us. You just have to jump at the opportunity when it comes around.