Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kids are Cheap, Right?!

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We all know how babies cost a lot of money. The hope is that once you get out of diapers, outgrowing outfits every month, and all the special baby products, there will be some reprieve in the cost right? However then you get into all the sports equipment (thankfully the kids have decided to switch from soccer to running the last few years!), more expensive clothes, etc. Well now we are seeing how expensive they can be!

Tyler is a cellist as many of you know. She loves it and dreams of being a professional one day. She has played for about 4 years and has private lessons. That alone is not cheap. This is her cello. It is a school issued cello that we rent each year. This is so much cheaper than renting from a store, however the cellos can be beat up. So far she has done well these.
Last night Tyler had lessons. While she was there I ran to Lowes again to look for a part we need for our bathroom (more problems and the 4th store of the day for the part). While there I found out the only way they can help us is to special order the part at about $75 for a drain!!! Then I pull up to lessons and Ty calls asking me to come in. I was then met with the information that her current cello is no longer working for her. AGHHHHHHHHHH! Due to the construction of the bridge, she is unable to get the tone she needs to for her level of playing. If we continue to use her current cello, it will hold her back in her playing.
Her teacher has a cello that she could rent for $30 a month or that she is selling for $1200. With festival coming up in a week and a half, we decided to rent the cello for a least the month to give us time to find a solution. Especially with her entering high school soon and needing to advance so she can get scholarships I knew we would need to find a high quality cello soon, but I don't think I am ready to pay for that. Then on the way home Tyler was telling me how she needed to save money for high school registration because it can be about $100! I guess the idea of kids costing less as they get older is out the window, along with all my money!


Rachel C. said...

Gaaa! Don't tell me these things! Derek and I just went to Target and looked at the baby stuff. It's all WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!

The Hemming's said...

I guess having little ones might be cheaper, at least you can get hand-me-downs on almost everything!