Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What We Have Been Doing!

So life has been going on crazy as usual. I think I have figured out part of the reason for my lack of blogging. My camera battery died over a month ago and I can't find the charger. I have missed many great picture opportunities, but such is life.

Our garden is going great right now. We have been harvesting radishes and leaf lettuce. Many peas are almost ready. It is great to see everything growing and changing each day.

Tyler has been away at girls camp all week and will get home tomorrow. She has been babysitting for some friends each day through the summer and plans on using the money to help pay for her cello and school funds for next year. She is looking forward to going to an EFY type of conference next month and staying at the BSU dorms for it. The only draw back is that none of her friends are going.

Britain is staying busy by mowing the lawn for a friend each week. He is working on saving money for his mission. He also loves playing of the slip and slide and is looking forward to campouts and going to scout camp.

Jesse finished up with day camp last week and had a lot of fun. He is also enjoying summer camp that I do each day. We try to keep him on a tight schedule each day which helps him to deal with life better. He functions so much better when changes are minimized and he knows what to expect out of each day.

Faith is enjoying summer camp as well and has been showing off her new tooth ring that she got today. She lost a tooth about 6 months ago even though she was way to young to. The permanent tooth (if it comes in) will not come in for several more years and so she had to have a spacer put in to keep the teeth from growing together.

Robert has been working 80 hour weeks lately between his two jobs and we see him very rarely except as he is going from one job to the next. We are grateful for the added income, but sure miss him being around.

I have kept busy teaching summer camp each day, taking kids to all the various appointments, lessons, and activities. I have also enjoyed working out with friends each week in our enrichment group. It has been a great way to work on something for me and helping to accomplish some of my goals for myself.

Right now our family is also very concerned about my nephew Sean. He has been hospitalized for almost two weeks now. He lives in Arizona and was life flighted to Las Vegas twice within a week. They are finding out that he has a thyroid disease where his immune system attacks the thyroid. So his thyroid has been sending toxins into his body. His adrenals are also having problems that are making some of his hormone levels be too high. He is also dealing with heart murmurs as a result of everything. we are hoping he will be able to come home soon, although he will be on medications for a long time to come. The medication also has some major side effects that could cause some life altering problems. It is so much for a 12 year old to bear.

So we have been keeping busy and are looking forward to some time this summer where we can enjoy some relaxation!


Kurt and Michelle said...

Wow, sounds very buys at your house. I am sorry to hear about your nephew. One thing I was always amazed when teaching kids is how much they handle. Kids are amazing and teach me so much, everyday! We will keep him in our prayers.