Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Way To Long!!

So I have not written in a really long time. Mainly because the time I used to blog during is now spent teaching Jesse so it easier to spend two seconds updating Facebook then the time needed to blog. I don't remember if I have written on here yet but we decided to teach Jesse at home through the Idaho Virtual Academy this year. He is doing great with it and we are seeing some great progress with many of his behaviors as a result.

Anyways, in the last few months we had a great but crazy Thanksgiving. The week prior Robert was in a car accident that totalled his car and sent the world upside down with doctors appointment, insurance companies, searching for a cheap car, etc. Well my mom finally found us a car in Pocatello just before Thanksgiving. So we decided to meet in Twin Falls to pick it up from them, sign all the paper work, pay for it etc. So as soon as our Thanksgiving meal was over we got in the car and headed to Twin. We sat in the Subway in Walmart to fill out everything, spent a little time together, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed back home. So as Jesse puts it we spent Thanksgiving driving a long time to go to a store. He wasn't happy about it!

Robert has been recovering and is now down to one chiropractic visit a week. In the beginning it was 3 a week and that really impacted us financially (all the loss of pay to go). I just look forward to getting reimbursed for it in the end.

Christmas was great as well. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with our traditional Shepherd's dinner. This is such a wonderful way to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and brings such a sweet spirit into our home. After all the activities centered around that we headed out looking at lights, put cookies out for Santa and headed to bed. Christmas day was a nice relaxed day spent opening presents and hanging out with our family.
The shepherds making their way to Bethlehem.Faith giving Jesse the family's gifts for him.

Writing the letter to Santa.The search for the green ornament to see who gets to open the first gift.Opening stockings. We are all back in school again now. Tyler is preparing for finals next week and just selected her songs for festival in the spring. Britain, who has been heavily into sports all year, is finally done with sports for a little while and is focusing on his school work. Jesse and Faith keep mom busy each day with school and play for them. Robert is busy as ever always striving to provide for the family. Hopefully it won't take me this long to write again. I will try to be more vigilant!


Kristi M. said...

You need to write more since I don't see you twice a week anymore. I totally understand the cruddy costs of chiropractic care. I had to see what for a couple of weeks this summer and they are not cheap. Those appointments add up quickly.

The Nielsen Clan said...

yay your back! i always enjoy checking in on your cute family! jess made a big impression on us, you always love who you serve :) and boy has he changed! so big!! miss ya