Monday, May 19, 2008

Growth Through New Things

Yesterday I received two new callings in church. The first is to be a Relief Society instructor and the second is to be the Wolf Leader in Cub Scouts. I have not yet been released from being a Primary teacher, but I have a few weeks until I have to teach in Relief Society for them to find a replacement for me. It is interesting how I am being released from a calling that I have been in for years. There has only been one calling since I was married that was not in Primary. Now I am in two completely new callings that will stretch my comfort level. I think I am more comfortable with cub scouts because it is with children. Being a elementary teacher I can handle teaching boys, it is just learning the cub scout program so I can make sure the boys advance. I am a lot more nervous about teaching in Relief Society. I have never taught adults and get very nervous speaking in front of them. This will definitely be a growth experience. I hope I can honor my Heavenly Father through these callings and serve the members of our ward.


Kristi said...

I wish that I was in RS to hear you speak. You always do such a great job in front of groups. Callings can be so trying but the blessings that result are tremendous.