Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Piano Recital

On Tuesday night Cori Strasser, our children's piano teacher, held her spring piano recital. Britain, Jesse, and Tyler each performed two pieces. They all did great despite their nerves.
Britain did such a great job with both of his pieces Morning Mist and Persian Market. Before going up he was a little nervous and wanted to use his music, but after seeing the other performers perform from memory, he decided he would as well. Britain played each piece magnificently and was a great performer in attitude and composure. He is becoming such an amazing and handsome young man!
Tyler has been very nervous performing her two pieces, Autumn Reflections and Greek Dance, both for festival and for the recital. She didn't quite feel that she had her pieces memorized enough and had the internal battle of whether to use music or not. Ultimately she chose to perform without it and did great. Her performance came at the end of a long day in which her fiddle group took a field trip to Boondocks that lasted until 5:00. She had time to come home, run through her pieces, change her clothes, eat dinner, and then be ready to perform. She is definitely our very active child that likes to be involved in everything. She is such an amazing young women that is growing up full of dreams that she works to gain the skills to fulfil them. She will be an amazing women!
Jesse was quite the well behaved performer, sitting quietly through others pieces and walking calmly to the piano and playing nicely when it was his turn. He was going to be accompanied by his teacher for both pieces. For his first piece, Pumpkin Party, he had her accompany him, but on the second piece, Graduation Party, he decided to perform without accompaniment. He did this very nicely with just the shake of his head. It was so wonderful to see him have a positive, successful night without him having to be in trouble for his behavior. It is like seeing the boy that has always been inside finally being able to come out and shine instead of having the behaviors keeping him trapped and out of control. He is such a wonderful young man and I am so proud of him!