Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

On Saturday night Robert and I stayed up until close to midnight to make some edible flower bouquets for my visiting teaching sisters. They were made out of cookies and candy on BBQ skewers planted in floral foam and moss in a planter. The looked really cute. Well when I got up Sunday morning I found that Jesse had eaten two of the four bouquets! I was furious! So I set about remaking the bouquets and then went to deliver them before anything else happened. I had Robert come with me to hold them so nothing happened to them. Well shortly after we left home I came to stop light. Robert was only loosely holding the plants because he had started to read a magazine. When I stopped one of the plants flew out of his hand and fell onto another plant (the same two that Jesse ate)! I ended up driving around the block to go back home and remake the bouquets. We then delivered the plants to all but one person who wasn't home. So as I was getting ready for church, what happens but Faith getting into the plant and started eating the flowers. So much for trying to be nice!


Mike & Kristen said...

Found you!

Mike & Kristen said...

How the heck do you add the site lists with the names??? I am SOOOO VERY confused right now.