Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Plants Are In!

Well after many hours of work last week we finally finished planting all the plants on Saturday. On the back row we alternated between two varieties of euonymus and a dwarf boxwood shrub. The front row alternated between a red and a yellow barberry shrub. Even though it looks nice now, I think it will be really pretty when the shrubs have grown 2-3 feet tall. We planted these shrubs because since the construction Faith has found the slope the perfect way to run up to the road. Before we had retaining walls that separated our yard from the road and kept Faith down. Once the shrubs have grown in they will provide a nice barrier for her.
Here is a close up of the alternating patterns of plants.
In the center of the two rows of shrubs we planted three daylilies. I can't wait until they poke up through the soil and rock and bloom!
Along the retaining wall be planted creeping phlox. It will be really pretty when it grows together and covers the top of the wall.