Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Orchestra Concert

Last night was Tyler's and Britain's final concert of the year (sorry no pictures). Britain performed as part of the 5th grade combined orchestra. The three elementary schools that feed into Jefferson Middle School performed together after having only practiced together for about 1/2 an hour before the performance. Britain was the only bass player in the orchestra. They played Ode to Joy, and American west tribute, and a fiddle piece with kazoos. They did a great job!

Tyler performed with the 7th grade orchestra, the Jammers (Jefferson's fiddle group), and had a solo. Since she received a superior at district festival she was selected to perform her piece as a solo during the concert. She was the first solo piece of the night and did great! Jammers played The Star Spangled Banner to start off the concert and then performed some Irish fiddle music later in the concert. The 7th grade orchestra performed a Mozart medley and 2 other songs. The final number of the concert the 7th grade orchestra joined the 8th grade orchestra and played a medley of songs from Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a great ending to the concert!