Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Graduation Day

Yesterday was Britain's 5th grade graduation. He has been very excited waiting for this day. He has had a rough year with his teacher leaving midyear and getting a new teacher, but he stuck it out and excelled in school. He is definitely growing up to be a great kid.
The schools orchestra played prelude for the graduation. They were able to play many of the songs that they learned throughout the year. Britain is the bass player.
Britain in the graduation procession entering the gym.
Britain receiving his certificate from the 5th grade teachers.What a proud young man!
This is Britain with his teacher Mrs. Nielson. I was excited when I found out that Michelle would be taking over for his first teacher Mrs. Luna. Michelle is a member of our ward and does great with kids. She was an excellent teacher for Brit and helped to get him back on track when he was struggling from the chaos of the year. We are truly grateful for her!