Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Field Trip to the Botanical Gardens

Today I went with Jesse on his 1st grade field trip. They first went to the park and ate lunch and played. Then they headed over to the Botanical Gardens. They listened to a short presentation about plants and then went on a tour of the gardens. The staff did a great job at presenting the information on a 1st grade level. One of the beautiful gardens!

The class learned about earthworms and had the chance to hold them. Jesse didn't want to hold a worm so he just looked on with his classmates.
They had the chance to look for tadpoles, salamanders, and bugs in one of the ponds.
Next they set out searching for things with a magnifying glass. They collected things in a cup and then took them to the table to inspect them more closely.
The class got to "pet" bamboo as they walked through the garden.
This is a wasps nest from last year that had broke open with the rain. The kids got to walk underneath it to see inside the nest.
Some of the floral arrangements.
Jesse and his classmates rubbed their hands in lavender and smell them. Most of the class liked the smell, including Jesse. They then got to smell mint in the herb garden.
Jesse took this picture of one of the bushes in the garden.


Kristi said...

I really need to get back there. It has been quite a long time and it was in the winter that we went. It looks so beautiful!

Orton Family said...

Wow - This looks like it was a really neat field trip! I am so glad you were able to go with Jesse! Have a great day Hannah! We are going to have to go soon!