Monday, June 23, 2008

Girls Camp or Bust!

Tyler left this morning for girls camp. We got home from our reunion last night at about 7:30. I had told Tyler before we left to have all her things packed before we left knowing it would be a late night is she didn't. She half heatedly packed before we left but only packed a few things. Well when we got home we had to unload the car, get dinner, do some laundry for Tyler, etc. So Tyler finally started packing and about 9:30 she remembered she still needed to make cookies. Mom was not happy! Needless to say it was about 11:30 before she finished and she still needed to write her talk for camp which she was told she would have to do at camp because it was time for bed. I hope she gets a chance to write it during camp, otherwise natural consequences are great and maybe she will learn to listen to mom.