Monday, June 23, 2008

Heath Family Reunion

This last weekend we went to Utah for a family reunion with my family. We left at about 9:30 Thursday morning and traveled throughout the day. We finally arrived at Yuba Lake at 6:00 pm. My sister Jessica arrived minutes later and we all worked at setting up camp. After all was done we took the kids down to the lake.
My brother in law, Dan, loves fishing so he showed the boys how to fish and they all sat diligently watching their lines. It was great because the fish were jumping out of the water all around us.

Robert was just enjoying not working!

While the boys were fishing, the girls played on the beach. This is Erin, Tanisha, Tyler, and Faith having fun.
Tyler was trying to point out some of the jumping fish to Faith as they sat on the beach.

Faith and Ciara enjoyed their time climbing on the rocks together.
While playing on the beach Tyler and her cousin Erin decided to build a birthday cake for Faith whose birthday was this weekend.

As we were getting ready to leave the beach , My nephew Jason was the big winner in fishing. He was the only one to catch anything. His dad, Dan, is taking it off the line and putting it back in the lake.
On our way back from the beach my sister Sarah arrived. Right in front of her car was a snake. As we all stood around watching it, Tyler came running up to see her aunt (not knowing of the snake). She almost steps on the snake as we yell at her to stop. This did not pleas the snake who then tried to come after her. A little excitement added to the day!

Britain, Tanisha, Jason, and Tyler roasting marshmallows.
Everyone enjoying S'MOREs. This is Jason, Robert, Jessica, Dan, Erin, Jesse, Britain, and Faith.

Hanging out at camp with Dad! After breakfast Friday morning it was back to the lake with the kids. Jesse, Tanisha, Tyler, Jason, an Shawn enjoyed wading in the morning water.
Later they decided to d more than just wading and really went in the lake.
Aren't brothers and cousins wonderful!
While the ids played, us sisters enjoyed catching up with each other. This is Marcie (my sisters friend), Jessica, Tanisha, Tyler, and Sarah.
Friday night we all traveled together to enjoy the Manti Pageant. The temple is so beautiful!
My mom and sisters enjoyed talking while waiting for the pageant to begin.
Some wonderful scenes from the pageant
This was such a neat experience to see the pageant. It brought such a great spirit to the reunion. The children all sat captivated at the story of the Book of Mormon. It as a wonderful time to remember the sacrifices of our ancestors and the redeeming love of our Savior!
Saturday morning we all met at my sister Kris's home to enjoy the day together. My brother in law Kent put in a lot of work planning races and activities for the family. Each activity had wonderful prizes for all involved. The races were divided up by age groups. Here is Tyler, Ryan, and Jared (Marcie's son) ready to win for the teenagers. Although the kids race were all pretty calm, the adult races were another story. In the under 50 group we had tripping, falling, and diving all to be across the finish line first. In the over 50 crowd (just Kent and Kris were around for it) there was cheating and faulty finish line holders to add lots of drama to the race.

This is my brother in law Kent hard at work in the horseshoe tournament. He was up against the formidable opponents of Jesse and my sister Kassie.

Jesse and Kassie working hard to beat Kent and hi son Brett! In the end it was Ken and Brett that won this round.
The ten and elven year olds (Tanisha,Britain,and Shawn)really had to concentrate in their race not the drop the ball.
Before leaving camp Sunday morning all that were still there posed for a picture. We have Robert, me, Faith, my mom, my sister Kassie, my dad, Tyler, my sister Tessa, Ryan, Jesse, Britain,Shawn, and my sister Sarah. My sister Jessica and her family had all ready left.