Monday, July 7, 2008

Gardening Success and Failure

last Tues. I went to our garden to weed it and found that the majority of the garden didn't sprout. I had some beans and peas, but that was it. I went and bought some more seeds and starts and figured we will try it again. I did plant some tomatoes in containers at our house and they are doing great. I planted eight starts and three did not survive the dramatic temperature changes, but the other five are blossoming and are quite big. Two plants have several tomatoes growing on them. If the rest of the garden fails, at least we will have tomatoes.

Two sides of our house have some beautiful rose bushes along them. I have never really done anything with them and they had grown as tall as the house. I decided this spring it was time to prune them. With the help of a dear friend, we chopped the bushes way back. They must have really enjoyed the pruning because they took off and are huge bushes again. The first set of blooms are dropping their petals and some new buds are opening. I love these beautiful blossoms brightening our yard!


Kristi said...

Roses LOVE to be cut back. I am glad that they are doing so well for you. I wish that your gardening was more of a success. They always tend to be a learning experience.