Saturday, July 19, 2008

Swimming Fun!

Jesse had his last day of swimming lessons. He had lots of fun playing with his classmates, going down the slide, and doing some of the things he learned in class. The last ten minutes they went to the diving board and the big slide.
On his last dive of the day he decided to dive with a kick board. When he hit the water, the kick board got away from him and he was in trouble (he doesn't really swim well yet). His teacher wasn't looking his direction so he didn't realize he was struggling. Jesse did a great job at trading water even though he still struggles with this. One of the other moms and I were yelling at Jesse to swim, but all he would do was tread water. Our yelling got the teachers attention and he jumped in and got Jesse. Here is a video of the dive, but the end of the video is just the sky because I forgot to stop the video and was focused on Jesse. It seemed to take minutes, but seeing the video it was only about 30 seconds.


Orton Family said...

I bet that was kind of scary when you were worried for Jesse. I know he was pretty excited to tell us about swimming lessons! Glad he is having fun!

Anonymous said...

GO JESSE GO!!!!!!!!!
love aunt tessa