Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School is Starting

Things have been very hectic around our house lately. It seems like the closer we get to school starting, the busier we get. We have been canning the last few weeks some of the things from the garden (green beans, tomatoes) as well as some peaches we got from the church orchard. I have been getting about 5 quarts of beans each week and we did 49 quarts of peaches this week.

Tyler and Britain are both in cross country this year and their practices started last week. They are running in a jog-a-thon today and have been talking to about everyone we know to sponsor them. They are getting old enough now that they have been doing this all on their own instead of me taking them to places, which is nice. The majority of their meets are on Thursdays so I won't be able to make it, but there will be a few I should make.

I have also been working hard at getting the preschool ready. I forgot how much time I used to spend getting my classroom ready. It is a little harder now since this is in my living room and there is always the dilemma of trying not to take over the home with the school and vise versa. It seems like everyday we have been running from activity to activity. I am really looking forward to school starting so we can get back on a schedule!