Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Grow Through Trials, Right?

This has been a rough few weeks for our family. This last year we have lived on a tight budget so that I could be home with the kids so when things started going wrong it wasn't good. About two weeks ago we had the computer break and need a new one, then Rob's car broke down but it was supposedly just the battery. A few days later our vacuum broke *the third one in about that many years), and then the truck broke down again. This time we were told that the radiator was leaking into the engine and the damage is at least $1000 + depending on the damage once they opened up the truck. When we thought things couldn't get worse, the washer broke down and we had to get a new one. I just keep things of a talk given in church on Sunday where the speaker quoted one of the prophets saying that everything will work out. There is something we can learn from this and we will become stronger for it (it is just a pain living through it now=) ).


Rachel C. said...

Sorry Derek couldn't help you more with the washer! It's so frustrating when things break down! I wish all the stuff we bought lasted forever!

I was equally struck by the speaker last week! I've been having sort of a rough couple weeks too. I found a lot of peace in what he said. Everything WILL be alright!

Kristi M. said...

I hate it when there are times of greatness and then all of the trials seem to flood at once. I wish we were in Sacrament meeting last week because you are not the first that mentioned the talk that was given. Bummer!