Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bathroom Update

Derek and Rachel this is for you. Here are some pictures of how the shower remodel is going.
Jeff has been busy working hard throughout the last few weeks getting the tile laid in the shower. It is looking great and we are getting very excited for how the finished project will look.
Kristi thank you for letting us steal Jeff from you to get this done. He is really a very hard working man. Thanks!


Orton Family said...

Looking great Hannah!

Rachel C. said...

Aww, for us?! That's so nice. And actually, while I was reading some of the blogs from my google reader, we came across yours and as soon as Derek saw you had posted some about your shower, he had to read EVERY WORD! :) He's a cute, tile-obsessed guy.

Kristi M. said...

I am so used to Jeff being gone a lot for all sorts of reasons. It just seems so normal to me. I also get to watch ever I want on TV with him gone so I'm fine with it. :) He did share with me at lunch today how Derek stopped by yesterday. Rob pretty much told him that he needed to have kids so they have something to trade. That is how we scored the deal that we did. Everything just cracks me up.