Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Big Change Up

So as I was cleaning the living room yesterday, I was so discouraged. Between the preschool things and family things, there was so much clutter and no place to put it. So I decided to rearrange my living room. I talked with my friends Carmen and Tanya for ideas and then started in. What I ended us doing was moving two bookshelves to Tyler's room, move the piano to where the bookshelves were, move the coach where the piano was, move the preschool table to where the coach was, take out the cedar chest to my bedroom, and left everything else where it was. Thanks to my kids, Brent and Tanya, and Robert coming home early from work, I was able to finish the rearranging in time for preschool this morning. I think it looks less cluttered and looks more open.


Rachel C. said...

Awesome! Post pictures! I love moving furniture around. I grew up that way. My parents rearranged stuff so much that not moving my furniture bothers me! :)

Kristi M. said...

I really, really like the new layout. It really feels open and bright. The table next to the window may help the kids focus a little more.