Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Mayhem!

Well it has been a busy week full of Halloween fun. On Tuesday night the kids and I carved our pumpkins. Each year each child gets their own pumpkin to carve. Most years we use the fun pumpkin master designs, but this year I didn't get around to buying them so we free lanced our designs. I helped Faith do hers, Jesse did half of his pumpkin and I did the other half, and Tyler and Britain both did their own. Jesse also painted his pumpkin at scouts earlier that day.Thursday I spent the afternoon decorating the outside and the living room for Halloween. We putting up spiderwebs with spiders, bats in the window, dried corn stalks and pumpkins outside, balloons, Had scientific specimen jars, and made a giant streamer spider web with a balloon and streamer spider hanging from the middle. The kids loved it and decided to add candles for their around the room for lighting at their Halloween party.

On Friday the day started with a preschool Halloween party. The kids painted mini pumpkins, play pin the tail on the pumpkin, had a costume dance, played pumpkin walk, and went trunk or treating. It was chaotic, but the kids had a lot of fun. We then spent the day cleaning the house and preparing for the kids Halloween party.

Friday evening we had a fun party for the kids. Tyler made fruity popcorn, we had Halloween shaped tortilla chips with salsa, donettes, apples with carmel sauce, and of course candy. The rooms were lit by candles and we had some great spooky classical songs playing. We started off bobbing for apples and playing the donut on a string game while waiting for everyone to show up. Then we started decorating graham cracker haunted houses and painting pumpkins. Prizes were given for the funniest, scariest, and cutest of each. Then we had a scavenger hunt around the house and yard for more prizes. We then headed outside to play zombie tag which probably woke the neighborhood with all the screams. Then we played Mr. Weens Body Parts game and grossed many of the girls out. Britain and Katie thought this was a great time to do some additional scaring of people. We then ended the night with playing Dead Fred. Faiths favorite thing to do was eat all the candy she could. The kids had a great time, but the clean after was a true nightmare!


Kristi M. said...

Was Tyler's fruity popcorn the recipe that I gave her in YW's? That stuff is so good and addicting and easy, which I love. Wow you had a really busy day!