Monday, October 13, 2008

My Loves!

I am so thankful for my family. They are great reminders of the joy we find in each other. It has been so fun being home with Faith each day. I was only able to do this with Ty and Brit for about 2 years and it is so wonderful to be home. There are so many special parts to our day that I just cherish having with her. She is growing so fast and has such a love of learning. She definitely has her opinions and will let you know! She is an amazing little girl.

It has been fun (and trying) watching Jesse grow and mature through the years. He is definitely his own little guy. It is wonderful when you see the spark light up in his eyes and see him really working hard to do hie best. He still has many trying moments and days, but deep down you can see how he genuinely wants to do good and be the best person he can. Last night he was in charge of FHE and he was so excited. It was hard to figure out what he was trying to show us, but he had a game and a play all set out for us to do. he spent hours after church getting ready and just couldn't wait to start. In the end he was showing us the story of baby Jesus. He did a great job and really showed everyone how to do home evening for active people.

This past year it has been a struggling watching Britain grow up. He has struggled making good choices in behavior, but deep down you see his desire to be a great person. Since he was ordained he has seemed to grow up so much. I have never seen a persons countenance change so much when they serve as his. He truly delights in helping others. With Robert working a lot this month Britain has had the opportunity to take over as assistant PFR and help Brother Mayes set up on Saturday morning for cleaning. He willing and joyfully gets up early on Saturday morning to go the church and help. He constantly asks if he can go help someone out. He is always happiest when he is helping someone out.

Tyler has been getting to be so grown up lately. She is very into her friends and having fun with them. She always works to make good choices. It has been interesting talking with her lately as many of her friends have been having boyfriends (I can't believe she is getting that old!). As we were driving to piano lessons the other day she let me know that she had told her friends that she would not date until she was 16 and that they were not allowed to hook her up with anyone. What a great example she can be for good. I hope she remains faithful to her goals even when her friends make other choices.

Finally, I am so thankful for Robert. He works so hard for us. He gave up so much so that I can stay home with the children, and he does it without complaining or blaming me. Right now he is working about 85 hours a week, getting very little sleep or family time, just so he can provide for us. Even after working so hard for us, he still comes home and tries to help out around the house and feels guilty that he is not helping out more at home! I can't believe him. He truly is a wonderful man and I am grateful to spend eternity with him.


Rachel C. said...

I haven't had much interaction with most of your kids. But I have seen quite a bit of Britain at church and choir. He is an excellent kid! Derek and I have both noticed.