Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference Thoughts

This was such a wonderful conference full of motivation and inspiration. Here are some of the things that really seemed to hit home for me.

L. Tom Perry talked on some things man needs to survive. His comments on shelter and living within our means was very pertinent to us right now. As times are so tight it can be so tempting to just charge something when in reality we should just not buy it. I also loved his thoughts on spiritual fuel and surrendering to the will of the Lord.

I loved President Uchtdorf's talk on hope. His talk at women's conference really hit home as well as this talk. He seems to be speaking just to me these days. So often I am tempted to lose hope for/in how my life is heading. I get so overwhelmed with daily life that it is hard to see beyond now. I loved when he said that the brighter our hope the greater our faith and charity.

I loved Joseph B. Wirthlins mothers advice to come what may and love it!

David A. Bednar gave a wonderful talk on prayer. The theme of prayer seemed to be threaded all throughout conference. This was such a great reminder to me on the importance of prayer. We have been struggling getting in our family prayers and this gave me the motivation to get back on track!

President Eyring gave a wonderful talk on unity. Growing up we were taught not to put down our leaders since they are called of God and it always bothers me when I hear people judging leaders for various reasons. I loved how he talked about when our hearts are knit together in unity we become the children of God. What a great promise!

Robert D. Hales gave some great instruction on Christian courage. While I usually do not find myself in situations of people questioning my faith, having Christian courage is a great way to respond to many problems in our lives. It we use love and meekness we will find a way to see through our trials.

Sister Dalton's talk on returning to virtue was excellent and just what the youth need to hear. I loved when she talked about no friendship being as valuable as your own cleanliness.

President Monson's talk on change was what I needed to hear. There was so much in that talk that I need to work on. I am constantly feeling like a dictator instead of a mother trying to help the kids get everything done in the day. We really need to focus on today and the importance of letting our love shine through. I need to be more grateful for all our wonderful blessings and seeing the hand of the Lord in all things!

Russell M. Nelson's talk on celestial marriage was very uplifting and gave some great reminders about minimize our demands on our spouse and maximizing our love for them.

There were many more great insights I gain from conference, but these are just a few that I loved. I hope everyone else was able to find the golden nuggets of instruction that their hearts were seeking.


zimmyfan said...

Beautiful family and great photos too.


Rachel C. said...

I was struck by the same talks! I loved L. Tom Perry's and Pres. Eyering's were so good!