Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference Fun!

At conference time our family has some fun traditions. To start off with each child has a folder full of conference related activities that are tailored to their age and abilities. For Faith is is a lot of color pages moving on up to worksheets on talks for the older children. I get a lot of my ideas and packet information from Sugardoodle and The Idea Door (their websites are on my sidebar).

Next I put together a bag of "provisions" for each child. This is fun snacks that I usually don't buy such as candy, cookies, jerky, etc. When it is a few minutes before conference time, each child is given their folder and provisions and they can then enter the conference tent to listen to conference.
The tent is a reminder to us of King Benjamin's people anxious to listen to the prophet. So we likewise face our temples to the prophet and enjoy the blessings of conference. In the past we would build the tent out of blankets and chairs, but after having the tent collapse one to many times in the middle of conference, we decided to build a tent this year.
The tent is made out of PVC pipe and some tulle. I wanted a see through material so they could see the TV wherever they were at and we could see them. When I went to the store, the material I wanted was $8 a yard and tulle was $1.49 so I bought the tulle. After conference was over I made the tulle into tutus for the girls for Halloween. Now I have six months to find some sheer material on sale!
In between conference sessions the tent is closed. Around the house people could be founding napping, watching the World Report, playing games, reading, etc. It was great to be able to be part of an inspiring weekend!
It was also Britain's first time to attend the priesthood session. Robert had to work so Brent and Randy picked Britain up. He loved going and is really enjoying being a priesthood holder. He beams when he is able to participate in service and events involving the young men and priesthood. It has been a great blessings to him!


Rachel C. said...

Those activities and snacks look like so much fun and that tent looks great! One question though, did your kids fight while they were inside it? Whenever my brother and I tried to share a tent, we always fought over space!

Orton Family said...

What fun photos! Way to go in all your preparations Hannah! It looks like it was a great conference for all. I think the sheer material was ingenious!

I am so glad you had such a great weekend!