Sunday, October 26, 2008

Twist and Weave

Some friends have said they thought I should start my own hair blog, but I am not good enough to do that so I figured I would just post a few of my hair designs here. This first one is pretty easy, but looks great. Sorry I don't have any step by step pictures so I hope I can explain it enough.
First start by sectioning off a headband section of hair. Part the remaining hair down the middle of the head and put them in a ponytail. Then take the front section and part it into 4 sections. Twist each section and add them to the opposite ponytail, weaving the twists as you do.

Next do a twist braid with each ponytail and tuck it into the opposite ponytail. Back comb or curls the end, add a ribbon and you are done. For a great tutorial on twist braids go to this site.

Sorry these are such horrid pictures, but Faith refuses to sit still for pictures (she hates having her picture taken).


Darin n Kyla said...

Phenominal! I am not kidding - will you do Rylee's hair for her Jr Prom? Just getting you booked early! Thanks for sharing these.

Rachel C. said...

I was just talking to Derek about how I hoped that our future children (if they be girls) don't care about having their hair done because I really have no idea how to do hair! Even a pony tail! My hair is not conducive to most hair-dos. :( Maybe I'll get lessons from you!! :D