Friday, December 26, 2008

A Wonderful Christmas Morn

Christmas morning was a very relaxing and enjoyable time this year. The kids managed to get us out of bed about quarter to eight and we headed to the family room to open our stockings. There we found that Santa had left us a note and some treats in place of the cookies that we left him. We all had fun opening our stockings and seeing the fun things Santa left us.
Then we had the hunt for the Christmas tree ornament to see who got to open the first present. Tyler found it this year so she was able to start the presents coming. Then Robert began passing out presents to everyone. We had a good time seeing all the gifts that each member gave to each other. Then we read the service gifts that we gave each other. Robert saved Santa's gifts for last. This year Santa gave the family a few gifts instead on giving everyone individual gifts. He left the family a Wii and some games to go with it. This got a rave reaction from the kids. Santa also left mom a special present of the Wii Fit (Mr. Claus kept it a surprise that he had found this incredibly hard to find object from Hannah for quite a while as we continue to search stores for it, I guess he lucked out that we couldn't find it any other time). We then had our traditional Christmas breakfast of cinnamon rolls, oranges, and Little Smokies. The rest of the day was spent hanging out, cleaning up after the presents, shoveling some snow, playing outside, having our Christmas dinner, and learning to play the Wii. Overall it was a great day to relax and enjoy being a family.


Rachel C. said...

You have some cool Christmas morning traditions! I loved the hidden ornament thing. And the service presents. How does that work?

Kristi M. said...

My sister has the Wii fit and loves it! The Wii has a lot of really fun things with it. Great way to stay active.

Brandon and Katee said...

I'm glad they liked the wii. You'll have to let me know how you like the wii fit, I really want it! We just got mario cart tonight and we are loving it! Glad you guys had a good Christmas.

shellysanford said...

you have some really neat family traditions i love how you each do a service for each other!
shelly sanford