Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Get Together

With Robert working so much, we were unable to get together with family for any holidays this year. While it was nice to have some low key holidays with the kids, we sure missed the families. So when I read on my friends Emily's blog about how they got together with her husband's family for Thanksgiving by meeting in the middle of where they live, it was a great solution.

So on Tuesday I loaded up the kids and met my family in Twin Falls for the day. We first went out to lunch and walked around some stores. Then we went bowling. Jesse, Britain, and Faith were on one lane while Tyler, my sister Kassie, and I were on the other. My parents decided to be the cheering section. It was crazy for me jumping back and forth between bowling for myself and helping Faith (who only wanted mom to help) while also making sure Jesse was in check. However it was a lot of fun. Faith was able to use a ramp that helped her to get enough momentum for the ball to get all the way down the lane. Jesse was the big winner for the day with 121 points. He was very proud of himself.

We then were heading to a museum when we noticed that my mom's brake lights weren't working (it took me almost rear ending her before I realized it). They decided they better head home before dark so they could get their lights fixed. We headed home to and got home just after Robert got off work. Robert informed me that we were going out and so after being in the car all day we headed out again.

We ran some errands and then went out to dinner. First we tried Texas Roadhouse which Robert has been wanted to go back to for awhile, but they had a big wait time. So we went to Outback. While we were waiting we saw our friends the Mayes. They weren't sure if they wanted to wait so we added them to our table and had a great dinner together. Then it was nice to head home, do some exercise, and rest for the evening.