Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am so excited! We have been working to potty train Faith for about a year and a half. We would work with her and she would not show any interest or try to use the toilet. So we would wait awhile and try again. Well she has finally decided that she is ready and this week has been doing really well. She is finally telling us when she needs to go and working to stay clean. It is so great! Once she decided she wanted to do it, she has been very easy to train. I guess she just needed her own time frame. What a stubborn little girl!

Jesse is also doing really well right now with his bowel problems. For him it has been years of doctors and frustrations. Funny thing is that one thing that is really helping him is the Wii. I guess we needed to find the right motivation to help him get past the psychological side of his disorder. I can't tell you how wonderful it will be to no longer deal with toileting issues. One day . . . . .