Saturday, February 14, 2009

An Amazing Weekend!

This has been a great weekend full of some fun expressions of love for each other. It started out on Friday with Little Learner Preschools Valentines Day party. We had fun playing games, making cards, eating snacks, and checking out the Valentine's our friends gave us.Throughout the past few weeks, members of the family made Valentine's for each other and we hang them in the doorway for all to see. It was fun to see all the fun Valentine's everyone made. So after the party and lunch, it was time to quickly clean up the house and pack up the family for the night. The kids were going to spend the night with our amazing and dear friends the Ortons so Robert and I could get away for the night. Tyler was going to spend the night at a friends house so she bounced between the Orton's and her friends house. Shortly before it was time to leave the boys came running in the house saying someone was here. It was a delivering woman with a 1/2 dozen red roses and this beautiful sign from Robert. He had also given me a dozen yellow roses that morning. So I combined all the roses for this beautiful bouquet. I felt so spoiled!So then we dropped off the kids and went to our dinner reservations at the Mona Lisa. We have been wanting to try out this restaurant for years, but never had the money or took the time to do it. It was wonderful! The experience was amazing and the food delicious. It will probably be a really long time before we ever make it back, but it was worth the money. All I can say is thank you tax returns!Next we headed to the Anniversary Inn in Boise for the night. We stayed in the Enchanted Forest room. It was a very quaint room with trees throughout the room and a beautiful rock tub and shower.

We had a wonderful evening just enjoying the time together. With Robert's work schedule we have so little time together and we decided it was time to just take the time for us. I am so glad we did. We decided that this was our Valentine's gift as well as our anniversary gift to each other this year. Our anniversary is this summer and we will be married for 15 years. Wow that seems crazy! I am so glad for all the time Robert and I have had together throughout the years. I love Robert so much!

So this morning we took our time getting up (which we never get to do) had a great breakfast and then headed to the temple to so some sealings with our friends the Ortons. It was a great end to our date!

When we got home we made a special Valentines dinner for the family (Thanks Tanya for the idea!). We had individual heart shaped meatloaves, with heart shaped bread, mashed potatoes and salad. We then opened up our Valentine's to each other and watched a movie. It was a great weekend!

I just want to let my family know how much I love them! This is such a wonderful time to celebrate the love we have for each other!