Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- Life with ADHD

So today was another trying day with Jesse. We have had more of these lately and it is very discouraging. He had a major melt down at school and I had to go pick him up. I tried to get him under control so he could stay in school and let him know that he would lose going to the Pinewood Derby if he couldn't get it together. Well after multiple choices and looking like he had it together he started right back downhill and ended up being carrying out of the school (twice). It was not good. After it took forever. However, when he finally deescalated and we were able to get him in the car and go home he was a completely different person. Gone was the yelling, kicking, screaming, defiant person and here was the sweet., calm, ready to please person in his place.

Such is life with ADHD. It seems like you can go from being calm and happy to violent and angry and back to calm within hours or minutes of each other. Not to mention the impulsively, hyperactivity, lack of focus, and defiance. Some days are easy going with no problems while others are a roller coaster of ups and downs and everything in between. It amazes me that there are still people who believe that ADHD is not a real disorder and that it is just a badly behaved child. It is hard for some to understand that mental disorders can be just as trying as physical ones, but often aren't as accepted. I wish they could come and see my son when he is struggling. To see him as if he has no control over his actions and is just responding at the very root instinct. To see him wanting so much to be good, but just not able to bring things under control. To see him struggle with relationships because he can't figure out the social situations and how to react in them.

I love my son so much and worry so much for him. Here soon we will most likely be getting a PSR (psycho-social rehab) worker for Jesse who will work with him a couple times a week in our home and community to try to help him some more. I hope we can find what Jesse needs to be successful in life. As it is, he seems to struggle more and more the older he gets. I am thankful for the strength that Heavenly Father gives us when we are at our whit's end in things. I am thankful for the chance we have to raise Jesse and help guide him through his life.


Rachel C. said...

I totally agree with you on people thinking ADHD is not a read disorder! I think one problem is it's over diagnosed? Seems that way at least.

I hope you and your family can get the help you need!

The Hemming's said...

Jesse is so lucky to have you as a mom. Someone who is willing to work with him and teacch him the things he will need to be sucessful.When I worked in Special Ed, there were so many times when parents had given up on children who had similiar issues. It was so sad. These problems are real, they aren't just bad kids.They need help. Don't give up, you are doing good!

NLBlack said...

I'll ditto the comment from the Hemmings. Jesse is very blessed to have a mother like you!

TJ Chambers said...

The best thing for you to do is to learn the proper diet for your son. When moods swing like your sons, that should tell you something isn't right internally.

For example, if you give your son a breakfast based on Sugar (fruit, bread, cereal, cane sugar, juice), then he will have blood sugar problems.

He may be hyperactive and lack the focus and attention. As soon as the blood sugar spike is over, then you will see a moody person that can throw fits of rage and be defiant.

I have seen chocolate create the same reaction. Many people with ADHD have allergic reactions to different things. This one child had an allergy to chocolate and as soon as he got some, he acted just like your son. Before that, he was calm and fine.

The other thing is minerals. Your son my have a mineral deficiency which can also cause mood swings and hyperactivity.

I am an Adult with ADHD and research all this myself.

Kurt and Michelle said...

I admire you so much, and i know that Jesse will always benefit form having such an amazing mother. We will keep Jesse and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Kaselehlia Heath said...

I hope you know how much I love and care about you and your family. I have been praying unceasingly for you and your family. This morning I was thinking about something that might help Jesse. Well obviously the diet, energy work, and the oils. But, have you considered going to see a music therapist, this should be covered by medicaid. Music Thereapists are trained to work with autistic, ADHD kids, ETC. This might help. let me know what you think! Love you SIS!

"Its going be a Bright SunShiney Day!" said...

thats looks all to familiar