Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Friday-What Did Happen This Week?

This week has been pretty busy and seems to have flown right by. However as I sit down to write this, I can't think of what actually happened. Some of the highlights I guess are that on Monday the kids didn't have any school and my cafeteria supervisor needed extra volunteers to help with cleaning the cafeteria for the temple shut down. So I spent several hours helping to clean on Monday. Tyler also had cello lessons that night. Tuesday I finally got bread made like I have been planning to. Wednesday Faith and Jesse had an asthma appointment and Jesse is off of his steroids and Faith will hopefully be at the end of winter. Yeah for remission! Thursday Tyler was very excited to go with me to Ann Mannings baby shower for her twins. Today Robert gathered some wood for a friend and we then headed to Boise for Jesse's psychology appointment.

Of course there were a ton of other things happening, but at this point who knows. All is now quiet in the house after Friday Night Movie Night where we watched Madagascar 2 and I worked on my lesson for Sunday. I am nervous for Faith as she has been trying to get sick all week and she isn't sounding to good tonight. I am hoping it doesn't trigger her asthma since she struggles so much when it does. Tomorrow we will celebrate Tyler's 14th birthday (wow so scary!) that is on Wednesday. She wants to watch movies for her family activity and picked out a couple of movies tonight. I know I am just rambling right now and I am sorry for that. I feel as if my brain is fried and gone at this point. Hope everyone had a great week and hopefully next week I can be better at remembering things.


Kristi M. said...

I can't believe Tyler is already 14 years old. It really did feel like not that long ago that I welcomed all of those girls in YW. I can't wait to hear your lesson. When the topic was announced on Sunday, I went home and read it. It is such a great talk. I really enjoyed it.

Orton Family said...

Hannah - your lesson was beautiful today. You really do a wonderful job of inviting us to consider how we have been blessed or how we can apply the lesson to our lives, and also to participate. Lots of wonderful thoughts came to me as you taught us. Thanks for all your preparation and magnifying your calling as our teacher.

Also - life is good and busy and it is fun to hear about the everyday normal and exciting happenings. Hope you have a great week!