Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tell Me The Stories Tuesday-My First Memory

Well this isn't the happiest memory, but I thought I would start this series with my first memory. It happens a week before my first birthday. All I can remember was my dad taking off on his motorcycle and my mom going into her bedroom crying. I thought my dad was going to the store or something so I couldn't understand why my mom was crying. I remember going to my mom asking what was wrong. Later I learned that my dad was leaving our family and my parents were getting a divorce.

I am so thankful that my mom had the courage to divorce my "dad". This was a hard thing for her to do and led to some trying years for her, but made it so that we could have a truly wonderful father join our family. We have had the opportunity to feel his love for us girls and be sealed to him for eternity. What a blessing this has been in our lives. I love you dad!


Rachel C. said...

What a bittersweet memory! I'm sure that time was tough for your family. And I'm happy that everything worked out so well!

Kristi M. said...

I am always so interested in learning more about my friends way back when. It makes me realize that everyones pasts had ups and downs and we all become better people because of it.