Monday, February 2, 2009

Kindness Monday- The Gift of Time

It was so fun to write notes this last week for my family. I left messages on Mon., Wed, and Fri. to get my three notes in for the week. Each of those days I made a quick little card for each person with a personalized note in them. It was interesting how the different personalities treated the notes. Tyler would thank me and even said that she wanted to save all the notes I give her and scrapbook them (I guess I need to keep this one up.), Britain didn't say anything, Jesse asked why I left him a note, when I put Faith to bed and asked her what it was she just said that it was hers, and Robert gave me a big smile and hug. I hope it brightened each of their days in some way. Here are some pictures of the cards I made one of the days.

For this week I want to give a friend the gift of time by offering to watch their child/children for them while they go do whatever their heart desires. Whether it is a date, some alone time, a trip to the temple, whatever. There are so many deserving moms out there so I do know who I will pick. Go ahead and try this with me by giving a deserving mom a few hours of time.


Kristi M. said...

I feel so bummed that I have yet to truly take you up on any of your great challenges. I have just been so bombarded and overwhelmed with what has been going on with my mom. Maybe I can squeeze this in somewhere. We'll see. You definately inspire me to do better and if I don't necessarily do it, I am definately thinking about it.