Friday, March 27, 2009

Family Friday

This has been a very good week, I just forgot to get pictures of it. Each day this week we tried to have some fun after chores were done. So on Monday we went to Settler Park in Meridian. We love this park because it is big enough for all the kids and had a wide variety of things to do. We then went home and rented a movie from the Redbox for the night.

On Tuesday we waited until Robert got home and then headed to Boondocks, I mean Wahooz, to have some fun. The kids decided they wanted to play video games so it ended up being cheaper than usual there. After we had our fill of video games we went back and played at Settlers Park for awhile.

On Wednesday, Tyler went to her friend Katie's house to help her take off wall paper and for a sleepover. The boys and Faith had an afternoon of Wii. In our house this is rare since they only get a limited amount of time each day on it and only if all chores are done first. They had a lot of fun playing.

On Thursday we weren't able to do anything because of me going to the temple. Today we spent the day cleaning and preparing for Tyler to have a Twilight party with her friends while the boys and Faith had movie night. We had a lot of fun this week, we hope everyone had a great spring break!