Monday, March 16, 2009

Kindness Monday- Peacemaker

Well it was chaotic, but I got lunch to Robert last week. I was late leaving home, didn't get a lunch prepare ahead of time so ended up picking up something, and it seemed all traffic was working against me, but we made it just a few minutes late. It was great to sit with Robert and enjoy a little extra time together. Faith loved taking lunch to dad and was sad when he had to go back to work.

After yesterday's Relief Society lesson and Robert's followup FHE on living in peace and harmony, I decided this week s challenge was going to be about being a peacemaker. I plan of focusing my efforts on speaking in a soft voice with my children, staying calm in the face of frustration, using kind words, and helping to resolve conflict in ways that are respectful to all. I know this will be a challenging challenge, but a very important one. How about you, can you be a peacemaker this week?


Becoming LDS said...

What a great goal. I can definitely work on this. If the Mom isn't being patient and being the example of peace then well, you know how it goes. I could definitely be more patient and better at always displaying peace rather than contention.

Thanks for the push and thanks for visiting my blog.