Saturday, March 14, 2009

Family Friday- Always Going

This was a very busy week, so I will try to remember some of the things we did. My sister was visiting from Pocatello and spent the weekend with us. She got the great joy of helping us do some yard work Saturday morning. We finished pruning the roses, took out some plants, and started moving some rock before it was time to get ready for Tyler's school festival.Jesse and Faith found some of my costume pieces from the plays I used to do each year at school. They kept switching the different masks they wore throughout the morning.Tyler tipped over the wheelbarrow and ended up having to clean it up. OOPS =)!Kassie and I went to watch Tyler's festival. Robert was going to stay home with Faith and Jesse, but he got a call that morning asking for help moving a family at about the same time as festival. So while Kassie, Tyler and I went to the school for Ty's warm-up, Rob let Faith take a nap with the plan to bring them when he had to leave which should have been just after Tyler's solo piece. However the Tyler's judge was running about a half hour late, so Rob waited in the hall until we were done. Then we took the kids with us so Robert could go. We waited around for Tyler's ensemble piece which was with the same judge so it was also a half hour late. I was going to wait in the hall with Faith and Jesse so Kassie could watch Tyler, but in the end Kassie volunteered to take them outside so I could hear Tyler. What a great sis. In the end Tyler did very well and got a superior with both pieces.Tyler and McKenzie warming up before their solos.Tyler's solo.Tyler's ensemble group.Jesse hanging out in the hall.Hannah and Faith hanging out while waiting.

Britain was gone for the weekend with the youth at the Bishop's cabin. He had a lot of fun going tubing and hanging out at the cabin. However he froze during the night since the girls where in the cabin and the boys were out in the shed to sleep.

Tyler had Standards Night on Wednesday. It was a great program all on the importance of temple marriages. This is such a wonderful, eternal message that is so essential for kids to understand. I am grateful for every chance they have to hear it again.

On Thursday Tyler and Britain had an orchestra concert. I ended up not going to the temple and because of the concert Robert and I didn't go to class either. We all were going to go to the concert, however Jesse and Faith were really struggling before the concert started. Robert decided to take them home instead of fight them for the next two hours. The concert was great (even if Tyler had an impromptu solo during a rest, oops) and the kids did a great job.

On Friday I was able to spend the morning with my good friend Carmen. We went and did some of her families names at the temple and then went out to lunch. It was great to get away and relax with her. All in all it was a great, but busy week.