Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday-Create

This week I didn't get a new book picked out to read so I wanted to share this great video instead. I saw this on TJ Hirst and thought it was great. The video really puts President Uchtdorf's message in a very inspiring way. This got me thinking about what I have created lately, and I am quite disappointed in myself. Since receiving this counsel, I haven't made the changes I should in my life to make sure I am using Heavenly Father's gifts to me to create in my home and personal life. I think often we as women belittle our talents because we think it is prideful to acknowledge them (or at least I do this often). So I decided that I want to make some creative goals to improve the talents I have been given. Here are some of my goals:

1. Select a room in my home to spruce up while staying within a budget. I think I will try the front bathroom since a coat of paint would go along way there.

2. Find a challenging song to learn. Whether I ever sing it somewhere I don't really care, I just need to start singing again (more than just ward choir). I know I have lost a lot of the range I had when I was a music major in college and I need to start working on my music again.

3. Go through each room of the house and deep clean it. The kids help out a lot with cleaning since they all have their chores around the house, but kids just don't clean quite well enough.

4. Use the ribbon I have to make bows for Faith instead of buying them.

5. Prepare my Relief Society lesson.

6. Create ways to have one on one time daily with each member of my family. So often my time gets eaten up with getting Jesse's homework done (it can take hours and you have to stay right with him or he will get of track and it doesn't get done), cooking dinner, and getting everyone done with chores before bed. I want to work on creating daily memories with the kids.

7. Create ways to be more successful with daily gospel study.

8. Get scrapbooking again so I can get caught up!

I know there are a lot more, but this will get me started. What about you, what are you creating in your life?


tjhirst said...

Hi. Thanks for sharing this video. We'll keep passing it around to encourage each other to not give up. I read this from Richard G. Scott this morning and thought it applies:

"By divine design a woman is fundamentally different from a man in many ways. She is compassionate and seeks the interests of others around her. However, that compassionate nature can become overwhelming for women who identify far more to accomplish than they can possibly do, even with the help of the Lord. Some become discouraged because they do not feel they are doing all they should do. I believe this is a feeling that many worthy, effective, devoted women of the Church experience.

Jedda said...

I LOVE this video too. It is so fulfilling to complete something and use and grow your talents through creativity. You go girl!